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February 2019

7:30 P.M.

I.         CALL TO ORDER     -                 Chairman Drake

II.       APPROVAL OF MINUTES -        January 2019     

1.  RZA 2019:01 - Application by Wayland Hart Council Jr., owner, for a zoning map amendment to amend the zoning designation of 1.5 acres+/- of a 97-acre tract known as Tax Parcel 16-37 from A-1, Agricultural, to CRR,  Conditional Rural Residential, to permit the creation of a building lot.   The proposed parcel is located on the west side of Tucker Swamp Road (Rt 635) approximately 2,000' south of its intersection with General Mahone Boulevard (US 460).   The property is in the Berlin-Ivor Voting and Magisterial Districts. 

Council Replacement Application                                          Point PDF

Soil Study                                                                           Planning Report


1.    Addition to Sycamore Bend VAFD- Application by George Drake, Jr., Bobby Porter and Belinda Mason, Sandra Barnes and DD Mullican, Sunbeam Partnership, Six Eighty-Four LLP, Poplar Canal LLP, Walter Drake, Jr., Matthew Drake,  Debra Mullican Etals, Mule Pond Partnership, McSweeney Baker LLC, Six Eighty Partnership, Sheeran Holland Etals, Hilltop Partnership, Six Seventy-Two Partnership, Walter Bishop, Jr., Bowles Farm LLP, and George Thorpe, owners, for additions to the Sycamore Bend Agricultural and Forestal District as adopted January 22, 2018.  The properties are known as 105-2, 104-34, 104-38, 104-37, 104-41, 104-25, 104-26, 104-42, 104-2, 104-1, 103-26,  104-12, which encompasses 3,364.14 acres, and are generally west of the Nottoway River in the area of Monroe Road (Rt 684), Beale Road and Mary Hunt Road (Rt 683).  The properties are in the Newsoms Voting and Magisterial Districts. 

Staff Report Sycamore Bend                                                  Sycamore Bend Additions Map AB

Applications Drake                                                                 Applications Various

2.    Addition to Riverdale VAFD - Application by Roger and George Miller, Sonja Harcum Rev TR, Walter and Shirley Beale, Daniel Crumpler, Letitia Crumpler Etals, Peter Copeland, Peter and Vicky Copeland, T Graham TR and Peter Copeland, Joe Nye Wiggins and LE, Joe Nye and Pamela Wiggins, Mark Reginald and Lucianne Warren, Aubrey Lankford EST, Rebecca Butler and Adeline Tillet, Terry and Nancy Holloman, Nancy Holloman, owners, for additions to the Riverdale Agricultural and Forestal District as adopted January 22, 2018.   The properties are known as Tax Parcels 93-22, 93-23, 93-15, 93-20, 106-43, 106-44, 92-48, 92-49, 92-50, 92-52, 105-3A, 105-3, 104-44, 104-45, 93-18, 93-19, 106-33, 93-17A, 93-20B, 93-16, 94-1, 106-32, 106-15, 106-16H, 93-30, 92-53, 92-46, 92-16, 93-25, 93-29, 93-33, 92-56, which encompasses 2,960.921 acres, and are generally bounded by Monroe Road (Rt 684) to the west, Smiths Ferry Road (US 258) to the east, Dogwood Bend Road to the north and Daniels Drive to the south.  The properties are in the Newsoms Voting and Magisterial Districts. 

Staff Report Riverdale                                                           Riverdale Additions 2018 Map AB 

Copeland Applications 2018                                                  Crumpler Applications 2018

Holloman Applications 2018                                                  Lankford Butler Warren Applications 2018

3.    Addition to Porter House VAFD - Application by Charles Felts, Two Jakes LLC, Harold Covington, James and Carolyn Modlin, and Joanne Fox, for additions to the Porter House Agricultural and Forestal District as adopted November 27, 2017.   The properties are known as Tax Parcels 85-5, 86-7, 86-4, 86-4B, 86-5, 86-9, 86-8, 85-29, 86-26 and 86-2, which encompasses 812.97 acres, and are generally located in the area of Kindred Road (Rt 658), Peter Edwards Road (Rt 724), Porter House Road (Rt 712), and Cabin Pond Road (Rt 702).  The properties are in the Boykins Voting and Magisterial Districts. 

Staff Report Porter House                                                       Porter House Additions Map AB 

4.    Addition to Flaggy Run VAFD- Application by B.E. and Irene Raiford, Betty Whitley, Bobby and Judith Branch, Bradley and Jane Lankford, Charles and Nora Saunders, Charles Saunders III, Christine Whitley, Herman Cobb and Joan Shields, David Worsham, Davis & Sons, Donald Joyner, Earnest Stieh, Ellaree Hyder, Millie Gardner and Mills Bradshaw, Herman and Beth Cobb, John and Tabitha Raiford, Johnny Lee and Glenda May Scott, Jon Gardner, Joseph Burgess, Joseph Gardner, Jr., Joshua Fowler, Larry and Bernadette Whitley, Laurie Brittle, Mark Whitley, Raymond and Jefferson Davis, Richard and Cynthia Darden, Robert White, Shirley Shannon, W Group, Wayne and Judith Cosby, Willard Johnson, Jr., and Winston and Mildred Branch, owners, for additions to the Flaggy Run Agricultural and Forestal District as adopted March 26, 2018.  The properties are known as Tax Parcels 47-55, 47-12, 47-12A, 47-2, 47-69B, 62-61, 62-61F, 47-68, 47-16, 62-21, 47-15A, 35-30, 47-3, 47-53, 47-53A, 47-7, 62-44, 34-40, 44-28D, 45-1-1A, 45-28, 45-32, 60-1A, 60-1B, 60-3, 62-17, 62-18, 62-28, 62-6, 48-14, 48-15, 48-16, 60-102, 60-106, 48-2, 48-3, 62-81, 47-55A, 48-29, 48-30E, 63-31, 63-31S, 63-20, 35-37, 47-15, 35-38, portion of 60-105, 47-47B, 47-47C, 46-7, 47-2B, 47-2C, 47A1-1-60, 35-26, 44-26, 44-26B, 44-26C, 47-37A, 33-23,24, 62-78, 47-14, 48-13, 48-8A, 48-8, 48-9, 47-9, 47A2-1-141, and 48-28, which encompasses 3,900.03 acres and are generally located northeast of the Town of Courtland.  The properties are in the Jerusalem Voting and Magisterial Districts.  

Staff Report Flaggy Run                                                          Flaggy Run Additions 2018 AB Map

Applications MWhitley                                                            Applications Branche

Applications Cobb                                                                   Applications CWhitley 

Applications Davis                                                                  Applications Gardner

Applications Hyder                                                                  Applications Joyner

Applications Lankford                                                             Applications LWhitley

Applications Raiford                                                               Applications Remaining

Applications Saunders                                                             Applications Scott




VII.    BZA MATTERS-                         NONE


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