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For Residents
Community News & Info
Education - Schools
Application Forms
Who Do I Call?
For Businesses
Economic Development
Enterprise Zone Information
For Government
Vision, Mission & Values
County Administrator
Business Hours
Holiday Closing Schedule 2017
Office Closings Info
Southampton County Seal
Animal Control
Board of Supervisors
Meet The Board of Supervisors
Current BOS Meeting Schedule & Minutes
Archived BOS Schedule & Minutes
2016 Archived Meeting Schedule & Minutes
2015 Archived Meeting Schedule & Minutes
2014 Archived Meeting Schedule & Minutes
2013 Archived Meeting Schedule & Minutes
2012 Archived Meeting Schedule & Minutes
2011 Archived Meeting Schedule & Minutes
2010 Archived Meeting Schedule & Minutes
2009 Archived Meeting Schedule & Minutes
2008 Archived Meeting Schedule & Minutes
2007 Archived Meeting Schedule & Minutes
2006 Archived Meeting Schedule & Minutes
2005 Archived Meeting Schedule & Minutes
2004 Archived Meeting Schedule & Minutes
2003 Archived Meeting Schedule & Minutes
Board of Supervisors Current Agenda
Archived BOS Agendas
BOS Agenda January 2017
BOS Agenda February 2017
BOS Agenda March 2017
BOS Agenda April 2017
BOS Agenda May 2017
BOS Agenda June 2017
BOS Agenda July 2017
BOS Agenda August 2017
BOS Agenda September 2017
BOS Agenda January 2016
BOS Agenda February 2016
BOS Agenda March 2016
BOS Agenda April 2016
BOS Agenda May 2016
BOS Agenda June 2016
BOS Agenda July 5 2016 Continued Meeting
BOS Agenda July 2016 Regular Meeting
BOS Agenda September 2016
BOS Agenda October 2016
BOS Agenda November 2016
BOS Agenda December 2016
Agenda January 2015
Agenda February 2015
Agenda March 2015
Agenda April 2015
Agenda May 2015
Agenda June 2015
Agenda July 2015
Agenda August 2015
Agenda September 2015
Agenda October 2015
Agenda November 2015
Agenda December 2015
BOS Agenda January 2014
BOS Agenda February 2014
BOS Agenda March 2014
BOS Agenda April 2014
BOS Agenda May 2014
BOS Agenda June 2014
BOS Agenda July 2014
BOS Agenda August 2014
BOS Agenda September 2014
BOS Agenda October 2014
BOS Agenda November 2014
BOS Agenda December 2014
BOS Agenda January 2013
BOS Agenda February 2013
BOS Agenda March 2013
BOS Agenda April 2013
BOS Agenda May 2013
BOS Agenda June 2013
BOS Agenda July 2013
BOS Agenda August 2013
BOS Agenda September 2013
BOS Agenda October 2013
BOS Agenda November 2013
BOS Agenda December 2013
BOS Agenda January 2012
BOS Agenda February 2012
BOS Agenda March 2012
BOS Agenda April 2012
BOS Agenda May 2012
BOS Agenda June 2012
BOS Agenda July 2012
BOS Agenda August 2012
BOS Agenda September 2012
BOS Agenda October 2012
BOS Agenda November 2012
BOS Agenda December 2012
BOS Agenda January 2011
BOS Agenda February 2011
BOS Agenda March 2011
BOS Agenda April 2011
BOS Agenda May 2011
BOS Agenda June 2011
BOS Agenda July 2011
BOS Agenda August 2011
BOS Agenda September 2011
BOS Agenda October 2011
BOS Agenda November 2011
BOS Agenda December 2011
BOS Agenda January 2010
BOS Agenda February 2010
BOS Agenda March 2010
BOS Agenda April 2010
BOS Agenda May 2010
BOS Agenda June 2010
BOS Agenda July 2010
BOS Agenda August 2010
BOS Agenda September 2010
BOS Agenda October 2010
BOS Agenda November 2010
BOS Agenda December 2010
BOS Agenda January 2009
BOS Agenda February 2009
BOS Agenda March 2009
BOS Agenda April 2009
BOS Agenda May 2009
BOS Agenda June 2009
BOS Agenda July 2009
BOS Agenda August 2009
BOS Agenda September 2009
BOS Agenda October 2009
BOS Agenda November 2009
BOS Agenda December 2009
BOS Agenda December 2008
BOS Agenda November 2008
BOS Agenda October 2008
County Administration
Meet the County Administrator
Southampton County Organizational Chart
Comprehensive Plan
County Code
Phone Directory
Board of Zoning Appeals
Board of Zoning Appeals Minutes
Meet the Board of Zoning Appeals
Buildings & Grounds
Capital Improvement Plan
Commissioner of the Revenue
Freedom of Info
Hours & Location
Real Estate Assessments
Land Use Information and Forms
Real Estate Tax Relief
Personal Property
Business License
Income Tax
Tax Calendar
Commissioner of Revenue Q & A
Commonwealth's Attorney
Community Development
Community Development Permit Applications & Guidelines
Community Development Codes
Community Development Codes Corner
Community Development Erosion & Sediment Control
Community Development Reports
Community Development Current Events
Capital Improvement Plan
Related Links
County Code
Children's Services Act (CSA)
Comprehensive Plan Update
County Attorney
County Extension Office
Courthouse Facilities Information
Court Systems
Clerk of the Circuit Court
Col. Thomas Ridley III - Militia Muster 1836
Freedom of Info Act
Southampton County Circuit Court
Southampton County General District Court
Southampton County Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court
Southampton County Attorney
Southampton County Commonwealth Attorney's Office
Southampton County Judges
Supreme Court of Virginia
Education - Schools
Farm Service Agency
FY 2017-18 Final Budget
Archived Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (Audits)
FY 2015 Audit
FY 2014 Audit
FY 2013 Audit
FY 2012 Audit
FY 2011 Audit
FY 2010 Audit
FY 2009 Audit
FY 2008 Audit
FY 2007 Audit
FY 2006 Audit
FY 2005 Audit
FY 2004 Audit
FY 2003 Audit
Archived Draft Budgets
Draft Budget FY 2016-17 Proposed
Draft Budget FY 2016-17 Initial
Draft Budget FY 2015-16 Initial and Proposed
Draft Budget FY 2014-15 (Initial)
Draft Budget FY 2013-14 (Proposed)
Draft Budget FY 2013-14 (Initial)
Draft Budget FY 2012-13
Draft Budget FY 2011-12
Draft Budget FY 2010-11
Archived Final Budgets
Final Budget FY 2016-17
Final Budget FY 2015-16
Final Budget FY 2014-15
Final Budget FY 2013-14
Final Budget FY 2012-13
Final Budget FY 2011-12
Final Budget FY 2010-11
Final Budget FY 2009-10
Final Budget FY 2008-09
Final Budget FY 2007-08
Final Budget FY 2005-06
Final Budget FY 2004-05
Final Budget FY 2003-04
Fire & Rescue
Freedom of Information Act
Geographic Info - GIS
Health Department
Information Technology
Phone Directory
Current Planning Commission Agenda
Current PC Schedule and Minutes
Meet the Planning Commission
Archived Planning Commission Minutes
PC Minutes 2016
PC Minutes 2015
PC Minutes 2014
PC Minutes 2013
PC Minutes 2012
PC Minutes 2011
PC Minutes 2010
PC Minutes 2009
PC Minutes 2008
PC Minutes 2007
PC Minutes 2006
PC Minutes 2005
PC Minutes 2004
PC Minutes 2003
Archived Planning Agendas
Year 2017
January 2017
February 2017
March 2017
April 2017
May 2017
June 2017
July 2017
August 2017
September 2017
Year 2016
January 2016
February 2016
March 2016
April 2016
May 2016
June 2016
July 2016
August 2016
September 2016
October 2016
November 2016
December 2016
Year 2015
PC Agenda January 2015
PC Agenda February 2015
PC Agenda March 2015
PC Agenda April 2015
PC Agenda May 2015
PC Agenda June 2015
PC Agenda July 2015
PC Agenda August 2015
PC Agenda September 2015
PC Agenda October 2015
PC Agenda November 2015
PC Agenda December 2015
Year 2014
Planning Agenda January 2014
Planning Agenda February 2014
Planning Agenda March 2014
Planning Agenda April 2014
Planning Agenda May 2014
Planning Agenda June 2014
Planning Agenda July 2014
Planning Agenda August 2014
Planning Agenda September 2014
Planning Agenda October 2014
Planning Agenda December 2014
Year 2013
Planning Agenda March 2013
Planning Agenda April 2013
Planning Agenda May 2013
Planning Agenda June 2013
Planning Agenda July 2013
Planning Agenda August 2013
Planning Agenda September 2013
Planning Agenda October 2013
Planning Agenda November 2013
Planning Agenda December 2013
Year 2012
Planning Agenda January 2012
Planning Agenda February 2012
Planning Agenda March 2012
Planning Agenda April 2012
Planning Agenda May 2012
Planning Agenda June 2012
Planning Agenda July 2012
Planning Agenda August 2012
Planning Agenda September 2012
Planning Agenda October 2012
Planning Agenda November 2012
Planning Agenda December 2012
Year 2011
Planning Agenda Jan 2011
Planning Agenda Feb 2011
Planning Agenda Mar 2011
Planning Agenda Apr 2011
Planning Agenda May 2011
Planning Agenda July 2011
Planning Agenda Aug 2011
Planning Agenda September 2011
Planning Agenda October 2011
Planning Agenda November 2011
Planning Agenda December 2011
Public Libraries
Public Utilities
Public Utilities FAQ
Service Application Information
Application for Utility Service
County Application Information
Courtland Application Information
Residential Tap/Facility Fee Information
Application for Residential Water Connection
Application for Residential Sewer Connection
Residential Water Facility Fee Application
Residential Sewer Facility Fee Application
Business Tap/Facility Fee Information
Application for Business Water Connection
Application for Business Sewer Connection
Business Water Facility Fee Application
Business Sewer Facility Fee Application
Public Works
Recycling & Refuse Collection
RFPs - Bids & Proposals
Sheriff's Office
Social Services
Meet Our Staff
Meet the Administrative Staff
Meet the Clerical Staff
Meet the Eligibility Staff
Meet the Service Staff
Meet the CSA Coordinator
Financial Assistance
Child & Family Services
Child Protective Services
Adult Services
Adult Protective Services
Contact Us
Helpful Telephone Numbers
Volunteer Services
Holiday Closings & Inclement Weather
Office of the Treasurer
Office Hours
Contact Information
Important Dates
Real Estate
Tax Relief
Personal Property
Tax Reduction Plan
License Fees
Dog Tags & Fees
Payment Options
Real Estate Q&A
Personal Property Q&A
Dog Tags Q&A
Victim Witness Assistance Program
Voter Registration
Meet the Board
Electoral Board Minutes
Where to Vote
Who Do I Call??
For Visitors
Arts & Culture
Leisure & Recreation
Bed & Breakfasts
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