Duties of the County Administrator

The county administrator is the chief administrative officer of Southampton County, appointed by the Board of Supervisors, and is responsible for the proper administration of all affairs of the county that the Board has authority to control. He has no power or authority other than that delegated to him by the Board. Chief duties include:

  • Execution of all policies established by the Board of Supervisors or mandated by the state;
  • Direction and supervision of all departments, offices and agencies of the county which the Board has authority to control;
  • Preparation of a proposed annual budget for consideration by the Board;
  • Administration of the final budget adopted by the Board;
  • Supervision of the care and custody of all property owned by the county;
  • Keeping the Board well advised of the financial position of the county;
  • Recommending to the Board adoption of such measures as may be necessary or expedient for the health, safety and welfare of county residents or the improvement of county services; and
  • Responding to public inquiries regarding the affairs of county government.

The county administrator is appointed for an indefinite period and serves at the full pleasure of the Board of Supervisors.