Building Permit and Code Related Forms

The Department of Community Development issues permits for buildings and structures; provides inspections for life safety and issues Certificates of Occupancy or Completion. Construction documents for building permit applications including drawings and specifications are submitted for review and approval.

This department will secure the E-911 address for all new construction as part of the plan review process. Please be reminded: The power utility company servicing your area/township requires a current address before new service is connected. 

Please review the applications below for the respective building construction. 

New 1 & 2 Family Dwellings Permit Application Package
Commercial Building Permit Application Package
Swimming Pools and Spas Permit Application Package
Accessory Structures_Decks_Pools etc & Trades Permit Application Package
Inspection Scheduling Handout 2021
Deck Affidavit 2020

Current building code information will be distributed to builders, developers, design professionals and the public on issues regarding the building environment by providing a certified, professional staff to educate contractors and the general public.

Deck Guide 2015 Codes
2015 Virginia Codes
2015 Building Code Changes