Real Estate Tax Relief

Real estate tax exemption of a sole dwelling and up to one acre of land is available for qualified persons 65 years or older or those persons permanently and totally disabled and otherwise eligible according to the provisions of the Code of Southampton County, Section 15 - 92 et. seq. In order to claim such exemption, it is necessary to annually file after January 31st and before March 1st on forms provided by the Commission of Revenue.

If you maintain an escrow account with a mortgage company, your mortgage company remits payment for your real estate taxes. All mortgage companies are required to request the real estate tax bills they wish to pay. These bills are automatically sent to the mortgage companies. If you have an escrow account, yet you receive the tax bill, forward the bill to your mortgage company.

Real Estate tax bills are due December 5th. Supplement billings are due within 30 days of the billing date. There is a penalty required by the Virginia State Code and the Southampton County Code for late payment of taxes. The penalty is 10% or $10, whichever is greater, but not to exceed the amount of the tax. The Treasurer is also required by the Code to collect interest at an annual rate of 10% until payment in full is received.