March 2011


Dallas O. Jones, Chairman, Drewryville District

Walter L. Young, Jr., Vice-Chairman, Franklin District

Walter D. Brown, III, Newsoms District

Carl J. Faison, Boykins District

Anita T. Felts, Jerusalem District

Ronald M. West, Berlin-Ivor District

Moses Wyche, Capron District


Southampton County Board of Supervisors Regular Session - March 28, 2011


Call to Order - Chairman Jones

Invocation - Supervisor Faison

1. Approval of Minutes - Regular Session, February 28, 2011

2. Highway Matters

3. Reports

A. Financial Report
B. Sheriff’s Office Report

  • Communication Center Activities
  • EMS and Fire Department Activities
  • Traffic Tickets
  • Civil Paper

C. Animal Control
D. Litter Control
E. Building Permits
F. New Housing Starts
G. Cooperative Extension
H. Treasurer’s Report
I. Solid Waste Quantities
J. Personnel

4. Financial Matters - Supporting Documents

A. Appropriation Resolution
B. Bills - Bill List 1 Bill List 2

5. Appointments

A. Blackwater Regional Library
B. Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia

6. Capital Funding Requests

A. Courtland Volunteer Fire Department
B. Boykins Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad

7. Discussion of Vacant Extension Agent Positions Supporting Documents

8. Update on the Rural Transportation Initiative - Supporting Documents

9. Discussion Regarding Additional Funding for Volunteer Fire Departments that Provide First Responder EMS

10. Update on Voter Redistricting

11. Public Hearings (7:00 p.m.)

A. Priority List for Improvements to Secondary and Unpaved Roads
B. Preliminary Comment – FY 2012 Annual Budget
C. Ordinance Amendment – Section 13-6 – Illegal Dumping of Trash

12. Project Change Order Proposal – Industrial Park

13. Rates for Acceptance of Domestic Septage - Supporting Documents

14. Miscellaneous

A. Economic Development Collaboration
B. Youth Activities Funding
C. Regional Day
D. NACo Prescription Drug Program
E. Regional Magazine Feature
F.Reports – Opportunity Inc., SPSA and Chowan Soil & Water 
G. Notices
H. Outgoing Correspondence
I. Articles of Interest

15. Late Arriving Matters


16. Closed Meeting in accordance with § 2.2-3711 (A) (5) and (7), Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended


17. Certification Resolution

Board of Supervisors
P.O. Box 400
Courtland, VA 23837