November 2011

Call to Order - Chairman Jones

Invocation -Supervisor Faison

1. Approval of Minutes - Regular Session, October 24, 2011

2. Highway Matters

A. Designation of Indiantown Road as a Rural Rustic Road
B. Remarks to the Commonwealth Transportation Board on 10/24/2011
C. Highway Concerns

3. Reports

A. Financial Report
B. Sheriff’s Office Report

• Communication Center Activities
• EMS and Fire Department Activities
• Traffic Tickets
• Civil Papers

C. Animal Control
D. Litter Control
E. Building Permits
F. New Housing Starts
G. Cooperative Extension
H. Treasurer’s Office
I. Solid Waste Quantities
J. Personnel

4. Appointments

A. Tidewater Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) Council 
B. Western Tidewater Community Services Board
C. Board of Zoning Appeals Alternates
D. Board of Equalization

5. Financial Matters

A. Consideration of Early Payroll Disbursement in December
B. Bills - Bill List 1 - Bill List 2 - Bill List 3

6. Remarks by the Western Tidewater Free Clinic - Gloria Seitz - Supporting Documents

7. Supplemental Funding Request by the Blackwater Regional Library

8. Citizen Request to Address the Board - Andy Johnson

9. First Reading – An Ordinance Designating Certain Public Highways for Golf Cart and Utility Vehicle Operation

10. Update of the Emergency Operations Plan - Operations Emergency Plan can be see in full at the Administrative Office.

11. Capital Funding Request - Sedley Volunteer Fire Department

12. Regional Solid Waste Planning Agency Designation

13. Office Plaque – Circuit Court Clerk’s Office

14. Public Hearings (7:00 p.m.)

A. Comprehensive Plan Amendment - Kenny McClelland
B. Rezoning Request - Kenny McClelland
C. Ordinance Providing for the Application and Disposition of Requests for Equalization of Real Estate Assessments by the Board of Equalization

15. Miscellaneous

A. Request for Real Estate Tax Exemption – Mahone’s Tavern
B. Abstract of Votes from General Election 
C. Notices
D. Incoming Correspondence
E. Outgoing Correspondence
F. Articles of Interest

16. Late Arriving Matters


17. Closed Meeting in accordance with § 2.2-3711 (A) (5), Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended


18. Certification Resolution