October 2011

Call to Order Chairman Jones

Invocation Supervisor Faison

1. Approval of Minutes - Regular Session, September 26, 2011

2. Highway Matters - Supporting Documents - Supporting Documents

3. Reports

A. Financial Report
B. Sheriff’s Office Report

• Communication Center Activities
• EMS and Fire Department Activities
• Traffic Tickets
• Civil Papers

C. Animal Control
D. Litter Control
E. Building Permits
F. New Housing Starts
G. Cooperative Extension
H. Solid Waste Quantities
I. Personnel

4. Appointments

A. Tidewater Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) Council 
B. Southeastern Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program

5. Financial Matters

A. Appropriation Resolution
B. Bills - Bill List 1 - Bill List 2

6. Citizen Request to Address the Board - Ash Cutchin

7. Public Hearing (9:00 a.m.) – Ordinance Amendments to Section(s) 18-127, 18-177, and 18-450 as they relate to the Keeping of Livestock in Residential Zoning Districts

8. Update to Solid Waste Management Study for Southside Hampton Roads, Planning Horizon 2011 – 2047 - Robert Gardner, SCS Engineers - Supporting Documents

9. Capital Funding Request - Drewryville Volunteer Fire Department

10. First Reading – An Ordinance Designating Certain Public Highways for Golf Cart and Utility Vehicle Operation

11. Application for Fireworks Display Permit – Howard L. Vinson, Jr.

12. Miscellaneous

A. Nominations for VACORP Supervisory Board
B. Grant Award for Litter Control and Recycling 
C. Auditor of Public Accounts Annual Review of Constitutional Officers 
D. Notices - Notices 2 - Notices 3
E. Outgoing Correspondence
F. Articles of Interest

13. Late Arriving Matters


14. Closed Meeting in accordance with § 2.2-3711 (A) (5), Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended


15. Certification Resolution