Who Do I Call?

Emergency Phone Numbers
I need the Police Call 911
I need emergency medical care Call 911
I have a Fire Call 911
Police Non-Emergency Number Call 653-2100
I have a Complaint
A neighbor has junk cars 742-6777
A neighbor will not cut their grass 742-6777
A neighbor's yard is full of trash and rubbish 742-6777
A neighbor has too many animals 742-6777
A neighbor is building without permits 742-6777
Business operating illegally 742-6777
The neighbor’s dog will not stop barking 653-2100
There is a illegal drug problem 653-2100
People are speeding through the neighborhood 653-2100
A neighbor will not control the noise at their house 653-2100
Cars parked illegally 653-2100
A streetlight is out 653-3015
Bushes or trees along a street or road need trimming 800-367-7623
A ditch is full of trash, the storm water will not drain 800-367-7623
A street or road sign is damaged 653-3015
A traffic light does not work 800-367-7623
There is a water leak in the street or at my meter 742-6233
There is sewage coming up in the street 742-6233
A street light is needed 653-3015
Licenses or Permits
Building Permit 742-6777
Dog license 653-3025
Vehicle Decal Fee 653-3025
Marriage License 653-2200
Passport 653-2200
Record or check on a deed 653-2200
Birth/Death certificate 653-2200
Copy of a plat 653-2200
Temporary Pass for the Refuse Collection Sites 653-3015
Outdoor Entertainment Permit 742-6777
Fireworks Permit 742-6777
Business License (Commissioner of the Revenue) 653-3030
I need to have water/sewer service turned on/off 653-3015
I need to locate someone in Southampton Jail 653-2100
I need to know who my Board of Supervisor Representative is 653-3015
I need to register to vote 653-9280
Where do I pay a traffic ticket 653-2200
Where do I pay a Tax Lien 653-3025
Where do I have a DMV Stop taken off 653-3025
Who do I call about Land Use Assessment 653-3030
Who do I call about property assessment 653-3030
I need to register my child for school 653-2692
I want to know who my School Board Members are 653-2692
Where are the Libraries in the area 653-2821
I want to get a Library Card 653-2821
I need elderly assistance 653-3080
Apply for Food Stamps 653-3080
I need to inquire about Zoning Issues 742-6777
Capron Elementary School 434-658-4348
Hunterdale Elementary School 757-562-3007
Meherrin Elementary School 757-654-6461
Nottoway Elementary School 757-859-6539
Riverdale Elementary School 757-562-3007
Southampton Middle High School 757-653-9250
Southampton High School 757-653-2751
Southampton Technical Career Center 757-653-9170
Paul D. Camp Community College 757-569-6700
Paul D. Camp Community College Workforce Development Center 757-569-6050